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Piratical Term Meaning
A Dutch silver coin
A Spanish gold coin about the size of an old ten pence piece, worth eight escudo. This was the highest value Spanish coin in circulation, a hand full of doubloons would be worth a small fortune to any pirate.
a Danish gold coin.
A small English silver coin worth four pence.
An English gold coin, so called because they were first coined from gold brought from the coast of Guinea in 1663.
Louis d'or
A French gold coin worth 24 francs, first issued by Louis XIII in 1640 and continued in currency until the French revolution.
An Indian gold coin.
Pieces of Eight
A Spanish silver coin, about the size of a current fifty pence piece. Worth eight pesos, in 1644 one piece of eight was valued in England at four shillings and sixpence. That would be the equivalent of 15 or $23 today. Coins struck in the Spanish colonies were sometimes so roughly fashioned that they were almost square rather than round. The coins produced in Spain were more finely made and smoothly rounded.
An old term for money in coin, as opposed to paper money.

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